A coeliac abroad- part 2. Japan

Japan, an amazing country, amazing food. The way of life here is so different and so is the cooking. The smells of the food being made as you walk through back streets makes your mouth water. There are little restaurants everywhere, literally everywhere. However for myself as a Coeliac this was one of the biggest torments for me. I wanted to eat everything that smelt beautiful but in reality I couldn’t eat most of it. 

I confess, I should have done some more research before I got to Japan about gluten free food etc but I was so occupied with my husband and I organising the actual trips it simply slipped my mind as I was so used to the U.K where gluten free food is so readily available these days. My bad. 

What we quickly came to realise is that gluten and soy sauce is in most things. Dietary problems isn’t really something Japan is actively super aware of so why would they make food without wheat when there isn’t a so called need? As I’ve previously mentioned in my last coeliac post Here I am a human dustbin when it comes to eating. The first day I woke up on the rare occasion after Mint and he had been super  proactive and got the words for wheat gluten etc and also the kanji. Best husband ever!

One thing I’d note is we rented an apartment which was near enough to Shibuya for our 11 day stay and this is 100% the best way to deal with Coeliacs here as you can control exactly what you are cooking once you can read some of the kanji and trying to explain gluten free is pretty difficult unless your fluent in Japanese. A worthy blog post that I read was Gluten free Japan Save the picture with the dietary card as it’s definitely useful!

We visited the Little Bird Cafe. This meant we took a couple trains from our local metro station (Gakugei-Daigaku Station) and our last station closest to the cafe was Yoyogikoen. From here we walked to the cafe which was super easy as long as you remember food places aren’t just located on the ground floor. We saw the sign and went up to the third floor which looked like it was just someone’s house. Don’t ever be alarmed by this, it’s kind of normal and the food is usually great regardless. Now Little Bird is entirely gluten free! Hallelujah! There are so many options from pizza and chips to gyoza and ramen! I’m also happy to report that it was super yummy and I ended up taken a bag of gyoza away with me for a snack which was great! The owner is so lovely and understands what a coeliac is so you rest assured you are safe here. Very much worth a visit. Here is myself and the owner with my amazing pancake!

A place we visited near the end of our visit was called Three.

This place is a pretty healthy place and does vegan if that’s your thing. I had pasta for my main and French toast and maple syrup for pudding which was the best French toast I have ever had! 

My husband had a sandwich which came with a whole pile of stuff and pancakes for pudding with a lime butter and maple syrup and said its the best pancakes he has ever had and it was all gluten free. It’s good to note that the price is higher due to area.

When walking around Japan there are Family Marts and 7/11’s everywhere.  The secret to shopping here is to learn to kanji for gluten. 

Here is a little list of what I would look out for-

  • Rice balls can be gluten free but it always. Best to check. 
  • Heaps of different nuts etc you can snack on, walnuts, almonds peanuts etc. 
  • Eggs
  • Also worth noting is the little snack bars. Many don’t have gluten in them. Some taste Like cardboard but others are super yummy. I found a strawberry one which was pretty good! Soyjoy made my life. Especially the strawberry ones. 
  • Also some of the chocolate almonds are gluten free and are super yummy. I had a mild obsession with these. Definitely check the packs though. 

Last but not least- ‘pan nashi onegaishimasu.’ You can try this in fast food places if you’re feeling daring but man does it blow their mind. If you say ‘allergic’ they sort of get it and they eventually understand what you want. They think it’s pretty strange!

A few honourable useful mentions of blogs I read

Well I hope this has helped or amused you with my lack of eating skills!

Much love,

Shorty x

Meihan- Sideways Sunday

My husband and I have continued our travels and took a flight to Japan Wednesday of last week. We came here a few years back and decided another stop over was required. When we decided to come back to Japan we said we would mix up our time here and not just do car stuff, however with Mint and I that er, didn’t happen as you can imagine. Our first couple days consisted of Up Garage and Super Autobacs (if you would like a blog post on those let me know in the comments!)

However, one thing we couldn’t turn down was a trip to Meihan Sportsland for Drift Muscle. Taryn and Pedey were awesome and offered us the chance to come with them and of course we couldn’t say no! We headed on the Shinkansen to Osaka, checked into our hotel and went straight out the door to be picked up Taryn and Pedey’s Soarer to check out an unknown car meet. Turned out it was a euro meet and Soarers are not allowed in the same car park, whoops! However it turned out pretty interesting seeing how Euro cars were modified compared to back home.

Anyway, the next morning we got up and went to meet the duo out where they were staying and it was there we met Ryota Hirakawa who, on the track drives a badass S14- daily a oddly spacious Cube. He was gracious enough to take all of us to the track and generally do some translating as my Japanese isn’t fluent.

And then we got there and my lord, being met with the sight of Team Burst in such an awesome and relaxed environment was amazing!

I still can’t believe how chilled the whole event was. It was pretty great to have the opportunity to just walk around the pits with the likes of Nakamura and co around.

Now I know you aren’t here for the words so, media! First we of course had to have a bit of a warm up. ENTER THE WARM UP. I mean, this was just them coming on to track…

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After this we got on to qualifying. We also realised our pasty skin was in danger of being burnt so hid from the sun under the stairs by the sheltered section of the pits. This meant we were at the first initiation corner. This apparently on my little camera meant all cars must look like video games.

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Which brings us swiftly to the battles… It was pretty awesome seeing this first hand at Meihan, I don’t know if it’ll be topped for me anytime soon.

Now the winner meant they got a chance to twin with Nakamura which was pretty exciting to watch! The winner ended up being Kawabata!

After the competition Team Burst came and had a bit of a party on track showing everyone that they clearly have a lot of fun. I know I am repeating myself but Meihan and Team Burst= Winner!

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I didn’t get a video of their trains as I was preoccupied watching with my own eyes but as a bonus here is a little video I am most happy with. Watch for the spark!

After all this I was pretty content and now I just want to thank Taryn and Pedey for helping us with everything from how to get the trains to theirs (Taryn knows how to do this shiz! Check out her page here) to inviting us to everything in between!

Thank you To Ryota for driving us about, fabulous tees, being awesome and the detour to Autobacs to fill Mints shopping illness 😛 (also this fantastic picture in Autobacs, the faces say it all!)

Much Love,

Shorty x



A coeliac abroad- part 1. Amsterdam.

As a coeliac (If I eat gluten my stomach literally attacks itself and I get ill and look like I am growing a child) going travelling and eating is always pretty difficult. Some places more than others. I’ve figured as there are many coeliacs I’d make a small blogs of each place we visit and how trying to feed my bottomless pit of a stomach got on.

First place on the list- Amsterdam!
Happily Amsterdam has a few places that can cater to my needs and pretty much everyone can speak English really well so generally something can be found. Now one note, 9.5 times out of 10 I don’t take food pictures as I remember after I’ve started to stuff my face, my bad…

First place we went was Cafe Restaurant Piazza. This place is in red light district territory and easily found. It is an Italian and if you request gluten free you get a separate menu. I had the carbonara and got a huge plate full and it was fantastic. No pictures though- bottomless stomach called.

Next place- Bagels & Beans. This place… The hallelujah of all bagels! To my knowledge there are two in Amsterdam. You could sit inside or outside, it was roasting on our visit so we sat inside so my pasty skin didn’t burn but you got a view of the water so we were happy! You have so many choices, sweet, breakfast and savoury. Here I had the BLT on a GF bagel and it was delicious. I really was surprised about how good a bagel could be! Thoroughly worth a visit and their yoghurt with mulberries was an added bonus.

Now, anyone who knows me knows I have a love for pancakes. As a child I could eat 5/6 of them no problem. Just ask my parents who had to cook them all for me when I was little! This meant as we were in Amsterdam, gluten free pancakes had to be found. No problem, pretty much opposite central station is Pancakes. Amsterdam. You can have any of the Dutch pancakes (bar the apple crumble one and American style) made gluten free. There is also another one doted somewhere else but I’m not sure where.

I had a lemon and sugar one but I was hungry so went and ordered a banana, almond and chocolate pancake after. Good lord, this pancake defeated me but it was SO good! So much so we went back the day we were leaving because I needed to have another one. Seriously must go here if you love pancakes half as much as I do.


Lastly- Wok to Walk. Rice Noodles! As you get to pick what you get in your noodles you can essentially make your own gluten free choices. The sauces you have to check but again, seriously yummy! There are a few of these around so super handy. Coconut curry sauce is GF.

One place to mention negatively- Artiz Zoo. No actual gluten free meals were available. We asked in the centre but mainly got a shrug from uninterested workers. I ended up with some cashews. Party central.

Bonus place- Hill Street Blues. You must go there before 5pm and get a milkshake. Best milkshakes ever. (just if you have a skirt/shorts on and sit on a seat with graffiti on be prepared for an ink covered butt)

Next stop- Japan…

Upside down dancer

I dance. More specifically I pole dance. It’s like the toast to my jam. One thing that made me anxious about travelling is that I wouldn’t be able to pole. So, I did what all pole dancers do and bought my self a pole in New Zealand already so when I get there I can dance away where ever I am! This means that no dubs there will be more updates of an upside down/handstand/bridge in various places…

So, how did I get into pole dancing? About 7 years ago now my friend wanted to give it a try. I said I’d come a long to, from that second I was pretty hooked. I loved how much fun it was without even realising you were working out. That is until the second day after and then I could barely change gear in my car. Something with it just clicked and I’ve never looked back!

I could write about the stigma that is attached. I could write about things that people say about it and probably think about me because I do pole. Why do a sport with such stigma? Because I was curious. It looked like gymnastics. It looked fun and I wasn’t going to judge it before I’d even looked into it or given it a go. Turns out I was right. It’s beyond fun- Even with the not so dainty arms I’ve acquired. 

I’ve never been as healthy as now. Nor as strong. It’s addictive getting a move, the list for moves and styles is endless, the exploration is endless. You can express yourself however you want and then afterwards realise you’ve worked out damn hard! It amazes me. It still a sport with a huge family that I feel blessed to be part of. A special mention to my family at Studio 202. They have been and always will be my shining pole light that I love to pieces. (Especially my twinnie)

Anyway, I shouldn’t ramble on about my obsession of upside down dancing. This is just a little more insight in to me! If you’d like to more I did an interview over on

Much love,

Shorty X

Life with skittle cars

As you may know, I love Japanese cars, many many years ago I got my first little MX5. A little UK mk2.5 pearlescent yellow banana.


It definitely taught me a lot, mainly about how much rust non import cars have.

After a while I had got sick of it, outgrown it. With my lovely husband knowing my love of S15’s he managed to slyly show me a link of a standard looking yellow s15 and instantly I knew that it had to be mine! A week later we were picking her up…Fast forward about 5 years and my banana baby looked like this. My little pride and joy!

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However due to Mint and my impending adventures I recently had to sell her as I saw no use in it sitting around for a long period of time when it should be used and loved. It was my baby but I will definitely be enjoying another project down the line… probably in yellow.

Apart from my own car adventures, I am usually my husbands tyre changer when at the tracks. We are part of the Minty.Fresh family.

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Minty.Fresh is a bunch of sparkly dudes who like to hit shit with hammers and go occasionally sideways if their cars want to work… In all seriousness they are my best car buds and they rock.You can catch the latest video here-

One other mention is the Zillalife party people, they kick butt. Decent attire, decent cars and decent chat. Give their site a wee looksee at

Until next addition of get to me before I attack you all with IM TRAVELING EVERYWHERE posts…

Much love,

Shorty x

But she doesn’t even drift!

I’m also not a boat with a net. 




1.a person who is continually moving from place to place, without any fixed home or job.

synonyms: wanderer, traveller, transient, roamer, vagabond, vagrant, person of no fixed abode

2.a fishing boat equipped with a drift net.

So why the name ‘Dancing Drifter’?

  1. Dancing- I live for Dancing. I dance every week, I teach amazing people to dance. If I’m not at dance I’m making up ideas in my head for routines, new floorwork. I’m hunting new moves to try when I’m next in the studio. So dancing is simple enough to understand. 
  2. Drifter has two meanings for me personally. With my husband and I about to spend x amount of time exploring and adventuring it fits well with what we will be. Quite simply. 
  3. Also there is my husband who is a drifter. He’s pretty badass. You can catch his blog over on or the team on

No I can’t skid even remotely an ounce like that, maximum put a car over a wall once level of skill. Maybe one day I’ll have the cahonas to but until then I’ll be tyre changer, hit things with hammer lady and until recently banana s15 owner who carried the tools to the track. 

Simply put, I’m a woman who will be dancing as much as I can while travelling as much as we can with the occasional skid chucked in for good measure by minty.fresh

Much love,

Shorty x

Did you call me Shorty?

You’ve found your way to my first ever blog post, hi!

I’ve made this blog as I am about to explore the world and I’d like to keep you updated on whatever adventures the world has in store for me!

I’ll give you a general over view of me for now and break it down over the next few posts as I am far from an easily read book.

Here are some pointers-

  • I’m 26.
  • Strawberry head.
  • A few Tattoos.
  • Modeling since i was 13.
  • Partial to Japanese cars.
  • Pole Dancer.

Most importantly, please call me Shorty, its my nickname of I don’t know how many years. I don’t know how it came about but it was ironically that’s for sure but i like it. I’m 5ft 9. It either came from not being short or from as soon as some form of warmth occurred I would be wearing shorts as I’m not a fan of clothing tight on the bottom half of my legs, its a weird thing I know but I just don’t like it.


Anyway, I’ll explain more about me over the next wee while.

Until next time, much love,

Shorty x